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Seamless Gutters Repairs and Maintenance

Sometimes existing gutter systems that are not performing correctly can be repaired without replacing the entire system.  Generally, the rule-of-thumb is, if the gutter or downspout is rusted through, it should be replaced.  Once the rust process starts, it cannot be reversed, thus patching is only a temporary fix.  Depending on the existing gutter size and profile, it is sometimes possible to replace single sections of rusted through gutters, even when they tie into adjacent gutter sections.

Also, existing downspouts are often reusable even when the gutters are rusted through, as water is less likely to stay pooled in vertical downspouts.  Expansion and contraction, wind, and falling limbs are a few of the culprits that can overtime lead to a system not functioning correctly.

Some other common repairs include:

–         Resealing seams and corners.

–         Re-securing the gutters by adding additional hangers.

–         Re-attaching downspouts.

–         Re-pitching gutters that aren’t flowing correctly.

–         Adding downspouts to redistribute water and increase capacity.

–         Overall “tightening up” of the system.

Maintaining positive drainage away from the homes’ foundation is also another necessity.  Water that continues to pool next to the foundation can leak into the basement or cause structural concerns.

Cory’s Gutter can diagnose and offer solutions to most negative drainage issues as well as offering free advice on what you can do to help your gutter system work efficiently.

Homeowners may discover that many of their gutter problems could be because of a poorly functioning gutter.  These problems include erosion around the foundation, damage fascia boards, and flooded basements.  The spring time is the best time to check for damage due to a poorly performing gutter.

It is the best time to check for damage from rain.  But if gutter inspections aren’t what you want to do on a nice sunny day, let us do it for you.  Your gutter systems can be replaced with seamless gutters.

If you don’t feel that your gutter needs to be replaced, we can repair them for you.  Our team of expert gutter installers have the tools and the expertise to do even the toughest repair job.  If our installers feel the gutter is past repair, we will inform you about it.

The only way to prevent gutter repairs is to replace your damaged existing gutters.  We can replace your old gutter system with a seamless gutter system.  Also, remember that we do clean outs too!  But if you don’t feel like cleaning your gutters ever again, we have two gutter protection systems that can help!

So whether you decide to keep your traditional gutters or invest in a seamless gutter system, regular care and maintenance is required (unless you have a gutter protection system).

Maintenance is something homeowners should think about before a problem occurs.  Let us help you with your maintenance and repairs before there is a major problem.

Gutter Repair, Gutter Installation

Installing gutters is a job that should be done right.  Cory’s Gutters can do that.

Properly installed rain gutters can direct water from roof to ground without damaging that house or landscaping.  Well-planned gutter replacement and installation can be an important asset to protect your home’s appearance, structural integrity and value.

Cory’s Gutters:

–         Experienced gutter installers

–         The right materials for your home and location

–         Free estimates for every gutter installation or gutter repair project

At Cory’s Gutters, the job is complete only when the work site is clean and you are 100% satisfied.

Ask for a free estimate for you gutter installation project.

Tell us about your project and we will do an on-site estimate.  The estimate is always free at Cory’s Gutters.  Contact us today.